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Awarded Custody of 42 dogs Pushes Halifax Humane Society to Capacity

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

DAYTONA BEACH, FL. – Halifax Humane Society has been housing 42 Pitbull dogs, 18 puppies, and 24 adults since the end of February when Daytona Police and Animal Control seized the animals being bred and used for dogfighting.

Amelia, one of the puppies confiscated needed a blood transfusion to save her life. The transfusion was a total success.

The dogs have been treated for a variety of issues, including ringworm, a highly contagious disease. All dogs have been quarantined in a separate section of the shelter until testing negative for the disease. All the fighting ring dogs will stay with HHS until ready for a qualified adoption or transferred to a specialty partner. None of the dogs have been scheduled to be euthanized. HHS has attained a live release rate of 90% plus while maintaining open admission status since January of 2020.

“All of the dogs who came in emaciated have gained weight. We’ve seen them respond to the antibiotic treatment and the other therapies we’ve been doing,” said Dr. Green DVM and Director of Veterinary Services at HHS.

“Due to concerns about their origins and observed subsequent behaviors, HHS won’t be adopting most of these dogs to the general public. We want to place the dogs with an organization that has experience with dogs that were bred for and trained for fighting and know how to care and help these animals,” said Barry KuKes, Community Outreach Director. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has been at HHS for a week helping to temperament test the dogs and assist with placement through their expansive shelter network. Halifax Humane Society would like to thank HSUS for its nationwide dedication to help local shelters with dogfighting cases.

Still, the addition of these 42 dogs has pushed HHS to its capacity level. People interested in adopting a dog are encouraged to do so now to help return the shelter to normal operating capacity. HHS is offering special incentives to potential adopters of 75% of all dogs’ adoption fee 1-year and older. Adopt today and make room for another animal in need.

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