• Kiana Gay

The Importance of Volunteering

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

By Kiana Gay, Volunteer Mgr.

There are a lot of animals that are waiting to find homes. At capacity, Halifax Humane Society can house approximately 400 animals. Our offsite locations, (PetSmart on International Speedway Blvd. and Deland or Pet Supermarket in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Ormond Beach) have a total of 22 kennels.

Unfortunately, shelters experience overcrowding, increasing the need for adoption events to help more pets find forever homes and free up space for more pets in need. We participate in multiple national events throughout the year: Clear the Shelter is held once a year and sponsored by NBC and Telemundo. Empty the Shelter sponsored by Bissel is typically held bi-monthly. During these events, our shelter is able to offer discounts on adoption fees. There’s been some growing concern that “free adoption” events may increase animal return rates, but statistics show otherwise. The percentages are the same as if the adopter came in on any typical day at the shelter to adopt, which is around a 25% return rate. Animal shelters are full of amazing, fun, and loving animals waiting for the purrrfect home.

While the animals take center stage at pet adoption events, those behind the scenes are very important. Animal lovers get to hang out with pets all day, giving vital information to potential adopters and answering any questions they may have. Volunteers make all the difference at events by keeping the lines moving, keeping pets happy, and sharing the one on one experiences that they have had with the animals at the shelter. Volunteer opportunities at the shelter include walking the dogs, cleaning up kennels, and assisting staff. Some Volunteer opportunities offsite include working adoption events at PetSmart, Pet Supermarket, and Subaru of Daytona. We are all united in helping animals who cannot help themselves, and your support through volunteering is crucial to our organization.

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